Griffith Park 
Sunday, May 1st, 2022


Finish The Ride & Finish The Run Events 2021-2022 Sponsorship Information


Finish The Ride is the spirit of courage and determination to overcome tragedy despite apparently insurmountable odds. By sponsoring Finish The Ride and Finish The Run, you are taking part in something which is helping to change the streets of Los Angeles. Show others that you are doing something to make safer streets and improve the quality of life for bicyclists, pedestrians, and everyone else on the roads of California. 


QUALITY -- Instead of cutting back to save costs like many events, Finish The Ride and Finish The Run events invest in what participants want: real medals, high-quality merchandise they want to wear for years to come, and a great, well-run event. 

COST -- Finish The Ride and Finish The Run events do not cost an arm and leg for participants. In fact, a lot of them are free. We also sponsor dozens of low-income families, challenged athletes, veterans, and athletic students to participate for free because it is not about making money, it is about everyone winning!

PURPOSE -- Finish The Ride was created as part of a movement to make streets safer for cyclists, runners, and all road users. Now benefiting Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE), the programs it supports make streets safer for tens of millions of people in the Southland and work with schools throughout LA County to develop school-based walk/bike to school programs.



Sponsor Finish The Ride and Finish The Run Events and ride the wave of the fastest-growing running and cycling charity event in Southern California

Finish The Ride events play host to thousands of participants from ages 1 to 81. Our followers are active, civic-minded individuals, and families who are champions of healthy, active lifestyles and have disposable income.


the average age of participants at events

percentage of participants between 25 and 62

Over 90%
percentage of participants who live in Los Angeles County

Support a life-saving cause and get exposure to the type of people who would be interested in your product or services -- sponsor one event or the entire 2021/2022 season.


2021/2022 Event Schedule

Finish The Ride and Finish The Run Santa Clarita
Heritage Park, Santa Clarita
October 31, 2021

500 expected participants

Finish The Ride and Finish The Run Griffith Park
Crystal Springs, Griffith Park 
April 24, 2022 (pending approval)
1200 expected participants

Finish The Ride and Finish The Run Santa Clarita
Heritage Park, Santa Clarita
October 30, 2022 (pending approval)
600 expected participants

Free Finish The Ride "In Honor of" Events
Location to be announced
Several dates to be announced
200-400 expected participants


Finish The Ride events reach more than just those who attend.

monthly impressions on our websites.

monthly impressions on our social media pages.

individuals reached per event with flyers, postcards and handouts.

22.2%open rate on our emails (far above industry average of 15%)


For-profit companies — $250 ($150 for small events)
Non-Profits — $100 ($50 for small events)
Non-Profit Promotional Partnership Booth Price – FREE! PARTNER WITH US TODAY!


Sponsorship opportunities start at just $500.

Sponsor Levels

Silver Sponsor $500
Expo space (includes canopy, table, and two chairs
Name &/or logo on event banner
Name &/or logo on our website linked to your company website
Participants are directed to the booth at the event by an emcee.

Gold Sponsor $1,000
Silver Sponsor package, plus:
Company social media exposure reaching tens of thousands.

Community Sponsor $2,500
Gold Sponsor package, plus:
Name &/or logo on all promotions and publicity, including emails, fliers, print ads, releases, websites, and race t-shirts.

Presenting Sponsor $5,000
Community Sponsor package, plus:
Opportunity to brand an event (Ex: YourCompany Half Marathon)
Prominent logo placement on Start/Finish line banner AND race bibs
Added to monthly online newsletters for Streets Are For Everyone
Your company mentioned in up to 3 targeted social media placements

Title Sponsor $10,000
Presenting Sponsor package, plus:
Company name &/or logo displayed above the event title on all corresponding promotional and advertising materials
Company article in online newsletters and website blogs

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Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE) is a 501(c)3 corporation. Tax I.D. 47-303-6490